Majestic Vermont Casting Natural Vent Gas Insert (RHE25) #J33A-B00

Majestic Vermont Casting Natural Vent Gas Insert (RHE25)

Item#: J33A-B00

Price: $0.00

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Item Description (Part Number)

QTY: 1-Log Set Complete (10000191) +$313.95

QTY: 1A-Log Ember Front (KR1) +$Call to Order

QTY: 1B-Log Front Left (JR2) +$Call to Order

QTY: 1C-Log Front Right (JR3) +$Call to Order

QTY: 1D-Log Rear (JR4) +$Call to Order

QTY: 1E-Log Top Left (JR5) +$Call to Order

QTY: 1F-Log Top Right (JR6) +$Call to Order

QTY: 2-Lava Rock ~Old Part #s 10001454, 00F0540~ (SRV00F0540) +$45.67

QTY: 3-Burner Lava Rock (57897K) +$37.43

QTY: 4A-Burner Complete with Tiles NG (10000192) +$Call to Order

QTY: 4B-Burner Complete with Tiles LP (10000193) +$414.75

QTY: 5 Ceramic Tile Single ~Old Part #57803~ (SRV57803) recommend replacing a new Gasket. the Gasket will need to be custom cut. Gasket Part #CFPAP 1/2-48-65-1. +$34.49

QTY: 6A-Orifice Front Burner NG 53 (54833) +$41.99

QTY: 6B-Orifice Front Burner LP 68 (55120) +$41.88

QTY: 7A-Orifice Main Burner NG 48 (54967) +$41.99

QTY: 7B-Orifice Main Burner LP 56 (50999) +$41.99

QTY: 8A Orifice Pilot SIT NG ~Old Part # 54273, 32D2051~ (32D2051K) +$34.49

QTY: 8B-Orifice Pilot SIT LP (54272) +$41.41

QTY: 9A-Orifice Pilot PSE NG (10001822) +$14.31

QTY: 9B-Orifice Pilot PSE LP (10001823) +$20.52

QTY: 10A-Pilot Assembly SIT NG (10002389) +$298.45

QTY: 10B-Pilot Assembly SIT LP[includes: Pilot, Pilot Tube, Thermopile, Thermocouple with Interrupter & Igniter] (10002390) +$164.93

QTY: 11A-Pilot Assembly PSE NG (10001739) +$298.08

QTY: 11B-Pilot Assembly PSE LP (10001740) +$282.08

QTY: 12-Pilot SIT [this new Part # Only fits new Style Pilot Assembly If You have an Original Pilot Assembly You must get a new Style Pilot Assembly] ~Old Part #10001295~ (10002385) +$42.38

QTY: 13-Pilot PSE with Cable & Electrode (10001824) *No Longer Available* [can Sub A Pilot Assembly Part #s 20001116 or 20001115] +$Call to Order

QTY: 14-Pilot Tube with Fittings SIT (26D0665) +$36.04

QTY: 15-Manifold Tubing with Fittings (57318) +$75.32

QTY: 16-Thermocouple with Interrupter SIT [MUST reuse the Nut] ~Old Part #54912~ (SRV54912) +$67.88

QTY: 17-Thermocouple with Interrupter PSE (10001828) +$85.90

QTY: 18-Thermopile 24 Inches ~Old Part #26D0566~ (SRV26D0566) +$130.62

QTY: 19-Electrode Igniter with Cable (10001297) +$33.02

QTY: 20-Igniter Piezo SIT ~Old Part #057958~ (057958A) +$37.43

QTY: 21-Igniter Piezo Honeywell (2000062) +$Call to Order

QTY: 22A-Gas Valve SIT-MV-Hi/Low Natural Gas ~Old Part #s 37D0117, 37D0117A, 230-0710~ (SRV230-0710) +$360.54

QTY: 22B-Gas Valve SIT-MV-Hi/Low Propane ~Old Part #37D0118~ (SRV37D0118) +$270.74

QTY: 23A-Honeywell to SIT Gas Valve Conversion Kit Natural Gas [Kit includes: Valve, Valve Bracket, Piezo, Piezo Bracket & Hardware] ~Old Part #10001782~ (20010812) +$402.08

QTY: 23B-Honeywell to SIT Gas Valve Conversion Kit Propane Gas [Kit includes: Valve, Valve Bracket, Thermocouple, Piezo, Piezo Bracket & Hardware] ~Old Part #10001759~ (20010684) +$448.97

QTY: 24A-Valve EUROSIT 630 Natural Gas (10001105) +$Call to Order

QTY: 24B-Valve EUROSIT 630 Propane (10001106) +$Call to Order

QTY: 25-Fan & Bracket Sub FK12 & reuse Bracket ~Old Part #54103~ (FK24) +$583.05

QTY: 26-Electrical Cord [6 ft] ~Old Part #s 51865, 26D0619~ (SRV26D0619) +$60.89

QTY: 27-Fan Temperature Switch ~Old Part #51704~ (SRV51704) +$45.67

QTY: 28-Speed Control ~Old Part #51738 (SRV51738) +$90.09

QTY: 29-Speed Control Knob (51882) +$26.61

QTY: 30 Glass with Gasket (54595) +$546.00

QTY: 31-Glass Gasket [12ft per package] ~Old Part #s 57316, 10000992, 10000992K ~ (10000992K/12) +$141.80

QTY: 32-Frame Window (54455) +$Call to Order

QTY: 33-Remote Switch [Rocker] ~Old Part # 53606~ (30000874) +$12.84

QTY: 34-Remote Wire Harness with Terminal S (57265) +$25.04

QTY: 35-Vent Safety Switch ~Old Part #51866 (SRV51866) +$206.47

QTY: 36-Vent Safety Switch Wiring Harness (54859) +$Call to Order

QTY: 37-Ceramic Refractory Kit (JT2TBO) +$Call to Order


Item Description (Part Number)

QTY: 38-Gasket Burner Base (10000962) +$Call to Order

QTY: 39-Firebox Baffle (10009515) +$Call to Order
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