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Item#: HEB30RN

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Item Description (Part Number)

QTY: ON/OFF SWITCH ASSEMBLY WIRING (52817) +$Call to order

QTY: POWER CORD 6 FEET ~Old Part # 51865~ (26D0619) +$50.26

QTY: HINGE (52356) *No Longer Available* +$*0.00*

QTY: GLASS (53433) +$275.84

QTY: GLASS GASKET [12FT PKG] ~Old Part #s 57316, 10000992, 10000992K ~ (10000992K/12) +$124.68

QTY: SWITCH FAN SPEED CONTROL ~Old part #51738 (SRV51738) +$75.32

QTY: KNOB BLACK (51882) +$26.61

QTY: EMBER PACKAGE (58D0443) +$12.26

QTY: LOUVRE BOTTOM ASSEMBLY (52820) +$Call to order

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