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Item#: EFHT4J0

Price: $0.00

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Item Description (Part Number)

QTY: 1-LOG SET COMPLETE (10007423) +$Call to Order

QTY: 2-HEATER ELEMENT (10004584) +$94.28

QTY: 3-MOTOR WITH TERMINALS (10004262) *No Longer Available* +$ *0.00*

QTY: 4-ROCKER SWITCH -ILLUMINATED ~Old Part # 10001393~ (68D5115) *No Longer Available* +$ *0.00*


QTY: 6-FAN WITH BRACKET ASSEMBLY (10004695) *No Longer Available* +$ *0.00*

QTY: 7-SENSOR 230 DEGREE MANUAL RESET (10004720) +$31.03

QTY: 8-KNOB HEATER CONTROL (10001639) *No Longer Available* +$ *0.00*

QTY: 9-PLATE CONTROL ASSEMBLY (10007443) +$Call to Order

QTY: 10-SCREEN TINTED PLASTIC -NOT SHOWN (10007430) +$Call to Order

QTY: 11-EMBER LAVA ROCK (1000746) +$Call to Order

QTY: 12-FLAME GENERATOR ASSEMBLY (10003350) +$54.53

QTY: 13-SUPPORT PLATE (10007434) +$Call to Order

QTY: 14-PLATE LOG SUPPORT ASSEMBLY (10007447) +$Call to Order

QTY: 15-SOCKET LIGHT BULB LOWER ASSEMBLY (10006453) +$Call to Order

QTY: 16-LIMIT CONTROL. 175/20DIF (10001172) +$130.11

QTY: 17- ON/OFF INTEGRATED REMOTE ~Old Part #10008487~ (10006891) +$94.28

QTY: 18- ON/OFF INTEGRATED REMOTE ~Old Part #10008487~ (10006891) +$94.28

QTY: 19-CFM WIRE REQUIRED -NOT SHOWN (10006382) +$Call to Order

QTY: 20-SCREEN WITH PULL [2 per unit, each sold separately] (7554338) +$36.04

QTY: 21-SCREEN ROD (10007433) +$Call to Order

QTY: 22-SCREEN PULLS [set of 2] (7554239) +$29.58

QTY: 23-CABLE CLIP ~Old Part #s 7512135, 20006869~ (SRV20006869) +$45.77

QTY: 24-WALL THERMOSTAT (EBWT) +$Call to Order

QTY: 25-POWER CORD (10003095) +$43.18

QTY: 26-REFRACTORY KIT (BREF36RK) +$Call to Order
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