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Item Description (Part Number)

QTY: 1 Burner (45D0030) +$329.73

QTY: 2 Log Support Bracket (45D0579K) +$Call to Order

QTY: 3 Pilot Natural Gas (37D0018K) +$151.58

QTY: 3 Pilot Propane (37D0019K) +$151.58

QTY: 4 Gas Valve SIT-MV-Hi/Low Natural Gas ~Old Part #s 37D0117, 37D0117A, 230-0710~ (SRV230-0710) +$360.54

QTY: 4 Gas Valve SIT-MV-Hi/Low Propane ~Old Part #37D0118~ (SRV37D0118) +$270.74

QTY: 5 Injector Natural Gas #32 (45D0063) +$Call to Order

QTY: 5 Injector Propane #50 (45D0064) *No Longer Available* +$*0.00*

QTY: 6 Venturi Assembly with Gasket and Screws (45D0059) +$Call to Order

QTY: 7 Tube -Valve /Burner 5/16 (45D0085K) +$Call to Order

QTY: 9 On/Off Rocker Switch ~Old Part #41D0048~ (SRV41D0048) +$33.02

QTY: 10 Ceramic Glass (45D0564) +$Call to Order

QTY: 11 Air Shutter Rod (45D0236K) +$Call to Order

QTY: 12 Air Shutter Knob (45D0237) +$33.02

QTY: 13 Hi/Low Knob Extension ~Old Part #43D0095~ (43D0095A) +$42.87

QTY: 14 On/Off Knob Extension ~Old Part #43D0094~ (43D0094A) +$42.87

QTY: 15 Piezo Battery Module ~Old Part #45D0077~ (SRV45D0077) +$81.70

QTY: 16 Igniter Wire ~Old Part #45D0078~ (SRV45D0078) +$27.15

QTY: 17 On/Off Wire Harness (45D0565) +$Call to Order

QTY: 18 Front Grate (45D0252) +$Call to Order

QTY: 25 Vertical Restrictor (45D0551K) +$45.67

QTY: 26 Blower Right (33D0700K) +$282.84

QTY: 27 Blower Left (45D0240) +$Call to Order

QTY: 30 Electrode with Wire (10001297) +$33.02

QTY: 19L Rear Log (45D0096) +$Call to Order

QTY: 20L Right Top Log (45D0097) +$Call to Order

QTY: 21L Right Bottom Log (45D0098) +$Call to Order

QTY: 22L Left Top Log (45D0099) +$Call to Order

QTY: 23L Left Bottom Log (45D0100) +$Call to Order

QTY: Rear Gasket Screw [9 per unit, each sold separately] ~Old Part # 0052825B (SRV0052825) +$19.86

QTY: Blower Thermostat Disc (23D6100) +$62.29

QTY: Thermocouple 24 Inches SIT Millivolt ~Old Part #24D0808~ (SRV24D0808) +$48.46

QTY: Thermopile 24 Inches ~Old Part #26D0566~ (SRV26D0566) +$130.62

QTY: Wire Harness ~Old Part # 26D0619~ (SRV26D0619) +$60.89

QTY: Pilot Tube with Fittings SIT (26D0665) +$36.04

QTY: Speed Control with Knob-~Old Part #26D0746~ (SRV26D0746) +$83.10

QTY: Log Set (45D0068) +$490.51

QTY: Rear Gasket Heat Shield (45D0074) +$Call to Order

QTY: Front Ember Bed Log (45D0101) +$Call to Order

QTY: Paint-Graphite-Touch-Up CAN (45D0702) +$Call to Order

QTY: Paint-Black-Tube (45D0704) +$Call to Order

QTY: Paint-Sand-Tube-~Old Part #45D0705~ (58D6008) +$44.92

QTY: BS Blower Kit Optional (Call for Part #) +$Call to Order
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