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DVTS2  #B61A-B00


Item#: B61A-B00

Price: $0.00

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Item Description (Part Number)

QTY: 1- COMPLETE LOG SET (57066) +$Call to order

QTY: 1A- LOG VALVE SIDE EMBER LOG SET (55913) +$Call to order

QTY: 1B- LOG PILOT SIDE EMBER LOG SET (55914) +$Call to order

QTY: 1C- LOG TOP OUTER (57033) +$Call to order

QTY: 1D- LOG REAR VALVE SIDE-(57030) +$Call to order

QTY: 1E- LOG REAR PILOT SIDE-(57029) +$Call to order

QTY: 1F- LOG TOP CENTER (57031) +$Call to order

QTY: 1G- LOG BOTTOM CENTER (57032) +$Call to order

QTY: 2A- BURNER FRONT AND TILES NG (57116) +$Call to order

QTY: 2B- BURNER FRONT AND TILES LP (57117) +$Call to order

QTY: 3A- BURNER RIGHT AND TILES NG (55926) +$Call to order

QTY: 4A- BURNER LEFT AND TILES NG (55928) +$Call to order

QTY: 4B- BURNER RIGHT AND TILES LP (55927) +$Call to order

QTY: 5A- BURNER MAIN AND TILES NG (57118) +$Call to order

QTY: 5B- BURNER MAIN AND TILES LP (57119) +$Call to order

QTY: 6- CERAMIC TILE [SINGLE] 11 (54330) *No longer available* +$*0.00*

QTY: 7B- BURNER FRONT ORIFICE 68 NG (55120) +$39.89

QTY: 7A- BURNER FRONT ORIFICE 77 LP (55890) +$Call to order

QTY: 8A- BURNER SIDE ORIFICE 52 NG (50996) +$11.01

QTY: 8B- BURNER SIDE ORIFICE 63 LP (54528) +$39.99

QTY: 9A- BURNER MAIN ORIFICE 47 NG (54529) +$11.01

QTY: 9B- BURNER MAIN ORIFICE 56 LP (50999) +$39.99

QTY: 10A- PILOT ORIFICE NOVA NG ~Old Part # 54273, 32D2051~ (32D2051K) +$23.35

QTY: 10B- PILOT ORIFICE NOVA LP (54272) +$39.44

QTY: 11A- PILOT BRACKET W/HOOD 4 WAY SIT NG 1 ~Old Part # 54219~~Old part #20H2048~ (SRV20H2048) +$208.28

QTY: 11B- PILOT BRACKET W/HOOD 4 WAY SIT LP 1 ~Old Part # 54221~~Old part #20H2049~ (SRV20H2049) +$208.28

QTY: 12- IGNITOR PIEZO ~Old Part #057958~ (057958A) +$31.35

QTY: 13- CABLE IGNITOR 1 ~Old Part # 53194~ (7522432) +$14.85

QTY: 14- ELECTRODE IGNITOR NOVA-(52465) +$15.41

QTY: 15- PILOT TUBING W/FITTINGS (26D0665) +$32.69

QTY: 16- THERMOCOUPLE 72IN (20006149) +$74.28

QTY: 17- THERMOPILE 72IN (20006148) +$229.34

QTY: 18A- GAS VALVE SIT-MV-HI/LO NG ~Old part #37D0117, 37D0117A~ (230-0710) +$276.61

QTY: 18B- GAS VALVE SIT-MV-HI/LO LP ~Old part #37D0118~ (SRV37D0118) +$257.85

QTY: 19- FAN & BRACKET- SUB FK12 & RE-USE BRACKET ~Old part #54103~ (FK24) +$555.29

QTY: 20- EECTRICAL CORD [6 FEET] [FK24] ~Old Part # 51865~ (26D0619) +$44.06

QTY: 21- FAN TEMPERATURE SENSOR [FK24] ~Old part #51704~ (SRV51704) +$34.03

QTY: 22- SPEED CONTROL [FK24] ~Old part #51738 (SRV51738) +$55.36

QTY: 23- SPEED CONTROL KNOB [FK24] (51882) +$11.01

QTY: 24- GLASS W/GASKET ~Old part #54427~ (54427K) +$1012.16

QTY: 25-GLASS GASKET [12FT PKG] ~Old part #10000992~ (10000992K/12) +$109.85

QTY: 26- GLASS FRAME SIDE (10001806) +$Call to order

QTY: 27- CLAMP FRAME WINDOW 4 (54174) +$14.34

QTY: 28-HINGE (52356) +$15.24

QTY: 29- CERAMIC REFRACTORY KIT (57115) +$Call to order

QTY: 29A- CERAMIC REFRACTORY SIDE-(55895) +$Call to order

QTY: 29B- CERAMIC REFRACTORY BASE FRONT (57068) +$Call to order

QTY: 29C- CERAMIC REFRACTORY BASE SIDE (57070) +$Call to order

QTY: 30- TOP LOUVERS (55916) *No longer available* +$*0.00*

QTY: 31- ACCESS DOOR (55918) *No longer available* +$*0.00*


QTY: 33- LAVA ROCK PACKAGE- 1 ~Old part #10001454~ (00F0540) +$27.35

QTY: SPACER DRYWALL 4 (54340) +$Call to order

QTY: CERAMIC REFRACTORY KIT BOTTOM (10000372) +$Call to order

QTY: REFRACTORY LINING REAR (10000363) +$Call to order

QTY: DEFLECTOR TOP (57052) +$Call to order

QTY: DEFLECTOR CABINET TOP- (57051) +$Call to order

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