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Item Description (Part Number)

QTY: 1- BURNER (48D0565K) +$Call to order

QTY: 2- LEFT LOG SUPPORT BRACKET (48D0554K) +$Call to order

QTY: 3- RIGHT LOG SUPPORT BRACKET (48D0556K) +$Call to order

QTY: 4- GAS VALVE SIT-MV-HI/LO NG ~Old part #37D0117, 37D0117A~ (230-0710) +$290.01

QTY: 4- GAS VALVE SIT-MV-HI/LO LP ~Old part #37D0118~ (SRV37D0118) +$257.85

QTY: 5- INJECTOR NG NO. 34(48D0619) +$Call to order

QTY: 5- INJECTOR LP NO. 51(48D0658) +$Call to order

QTY: 6- DISK BRACKET (48D0029K) +$Call to order

QTY: 7- TUBE VALVE/BURNER (48D0659) +$Call to order

QTY: 8- PILOT NG ~Old part #20H2048~ (SRV20H2048) +$208.28

QTY: 8- PILOT LP ~Old part #20H2049~ (SRV20H2049) +$208.28

QTY: THERMOCOUPLE 24IN SIT MILLIVOLT ~Old part #24D0808~ (SRV24D0808) +$40.37

QTY: THERMOPILE 24IN ~Old part #26D0566~ (SRV26D0566) +$105.02


QTY: PILOT INJECTOR NG (48D0714) +$16.88

QTY: PILOT INJECTOR LP (48D0658) +$Call to order

QTY: 9- ROCKER SWITCH ~Old part #41D0048~ (SRV41D0048) +$23.49

QTY: 10- SHUTOFF VALVE (27D0303) +$55.36

QTY: 11- VENTURI ASSEMBLY W/ GASKET AND SCREWS (45D0059) +$Call to order

QTY: 12- BURNER GASKET (45D0032) +$10.65

QTY: 13- HI/LO KNOB EXT. ~Old part #43D0095~ (43D0095A) +$33.75

QTY: 14- KNOB EXT. ON/OFF ~Old part #43D0094~ (43D0094A) +$33.75

QTY: 15- IGNITOR BATTERY MODULE- ~Old part #45D0077~ (SRV45D0077) +$60.82

QTY: 16- IGNITOR WIRE HARNESS (45D0078) +$15.41

QTY: 17- ON/OFF WIRE HARNESS (48D0163) +$Call to order

QTY: 18- 3/8IN. UNION (26D4500) +$38.98

QTY: 19- NIPPLE 3/8IN (48D0162) +$26.02

QTY: 20- GROMMET (45D0241) +$10.65

QTY: 21- CHOKE CABLE-(48D0690) +$Call to order

QTY: 29- ELECTRODE W/WIRE-(10001297) +$23.49

QTY: 30- GLASS ASSEMBLY (48D0597K) +$Call to order

QTY: 31- BAFFLE PLATE-(48D0590K) +$Call to order

QTY: 32- VENT CONNECTOR [3 X 3] (48D0501) +$253.47

QTY: 33- BLOWER RIGHT (33D0700K) +$237.76

QTY: 34- BLOWER LEFT (45D0240) +$Call to order

QTY: 36- BLOWER PLATE-(48D2049K) +$Call to order

QTY: LOGSET (48D0588) +$540.55

QTY: 22L- REAR LOG (48D0609) +$116.36

QTY: 23L- LEFT LOG (48D0610) +$Call to order

QTY: 24L- RIGHT LOG (48D0611) +$Call to order

QTY: 25L- LEFT MID LOG (48D0612) +$43.17

QTY: 26L- RIGHT MID LOG (48D0613) +$Call to order

QTY: 27L- RIGHT TOP LOG (48D0614) +$24.95

QTY: 28L- IN.YIN. LOG (48D0615) +$47.36

QTY: SNAP DISC (23D6100) +$44.57

QTY: POWER CORD 6FT (26D0619) +$44.57

QTY: RHEOSTAT ~Old part #26D0746~ (SRV26D0746) +$55.36

QTY: REGULATOR LP (37D0025) +$67.28

QTY: LEFT BRICK LINER (48D0569) +$61.12

QTY: REAR BRICK LINER (48D0570) +$33.71

QTY: RIGHT BRICK LINER (48D0571) +$47.41

QTY: CONVERSION KIT NG-LP (48D0599) +$Call to order


QTY: SNAP DISC BRACKET (48D0029K) +$Call to order

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