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CW2500X Fireplace Insert

Item# CW2500X     Price: $0.00

Item Description (Part Number)

QTY: 1 1-DOOR ASSEMBLY (S31139) +$Call to order

QTY: 2-GLASS AND GASKET ~Old Part # S31113~ (S31141) +$215.71

QTY: 3A-1/8[3MM] GLASS GASKET 6 LENGTH (S15001-6) +$23.35

QTY: 4-5/8 DOOR GASKET [6 LENGTH] (S15011-6) +$51.12

QTY: 11-GLASS CLIP (S37034) +$17.01

QTY: 12-SCREW COMB 10 HD (S11086) +$10.65

QTY: 13-HINGE PIN 3/8X1-1/2 HD BLK ZINC (S11005) +$10.65

QTY: 3/8 HINGE PIN RETAINING RING (S11090) +$10.65

QTY: LARGE SPRING HANDLE [DOOR] (S11007) No longer available +$Call to order

QTY: 15-BAFFLE ASSEMBLY (S41467) +$357.00

QTY: 16-SECONDARY AIR TUBE (S32711) +$64.25

QTY: 17-COT PIN 1/8D X 1-1/2 LG S.S [REQD FOR SS AIRTUBES] (S11421) +$10.65

QTY: 21-BLOWER ASSY ~Old Part # S31276~ (S31276K) +$374.05

QTY: -BRICK 7-1/4X4-7/16 (S16043) +$41.52

QTY: - BRICK 8X2-1/4X1-1/4(S16271) +$17.01

QTY: - BRICK 8X4-7/16 (S16138) +$17.01

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